AGM 2020 - email sent 15 August 2020

CAMC – Wiltshire Centre

Deferment of 2020 AGM to January 9th 2021

Dear Member

It is with great regret that the Centre Committee have decided to defer the 2020 AGM, planned for October 2020, to the 9th January 2021. The reasons for the deferment are two fold; 1) present Covid-19 regulations prohibit gatherings of more than 30 people indoors, 2) the venue for the planned AGM (Corsham Primary School) have indicated that they do not wish to host us at this time, as have alternate venues we have approached.

It is hoped that by January 2021 the situation has changed sufficiently to allow us to hold a "normal" AGM, the venue and timings to be announced later. Should this not be possible, the Committee are investigating holding either a "virtual" AGM using a platform such as "Zoom" or a "hybrid" AGM (small pre-arranged numbers of attendees plus a streamed "virtual" meeting).

It is appreciated that not all members are fully conversant with using "virtual" software so the plan is to hold "practise" sessions in October and November to enable members to become familiar with the software and procedures. Details will be emailed to everyone as well as being published on the Centre website.

As the date of the AGM has changed, so to have the "cut-off" dates for Nominations, Motions and Eligibility to attend, these are now :

Nominations : 14 Days prior to AGM - Saturday December 26th 2020 [CAMC Rules 6.4]
Motions: 35 days prior to AGM - Saturday 5th December 2020 [CAMC Rules 6.5]
Eligibility to speak or vote: Registered, or re-registered, 35 days prior to AGM - Saturday 5th December 2020 [CAMC Rules 6.6]

CAMC HQ have indicated that electronic submission of Nominations and Motions are acceptable given the circumstances. The proposer and seconder should be copied into the Nomination form by email reply, to ensure transparency in the process. This will ensure that there is no need to pass around forms to different individuals for a signature. All such forms should be emailed to

As always, the Centre website, will be the main source for information on any changes, and is where all the relevant information for the AGM will be published, at a suitable time.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, especially regarding the use of "Zoom". I am more than happy to "talk through" setting up and using the software.

Kind Regards

Nige Riley
Wiltshire Centre