Lyneham "Olympix" Rally - Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Unfortunately this rally has had to be cancelled as insufficient bookings have been taken to make it viable

Rally Cancelled

Completely revised website - Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Committee are pleased to announce that a completely revised/rewritten website will be published here in the very near future.

This will look completely different to the present site, and will give many advantages to Centre members, among the planned differences are:

1. Auto-resizing to fit PC Screens, Tablets and Phones
2. On-line booking of rallies
3. Automatic acknowledgement of bookings
4. Rally Officers can “log-in” to track the progress of bookings for their rallies
5. The ability, if required, to “login” to save information when booking rallies, and to view your bookings.

In the future it is possible that on-line payment will be added, but for the moment this is not being implemented.

In a project of this magnitude there will always be “teething troubles”, should you find a problem, or have an idea that would impove the site, please inform the webmaster – Mr Adi Berridge. Click here to email: Adi Berridge

Members need do nothing to access the new site, it will simply replace this existing one at exactly the same web address –

Plea from the Treasurer to all Rally Officers and Ralliers - Thursday, February 17, 2022

Good afternoon all

Following an increase in BACS payments, in order to reduce bank charges, I’ve had a HUGE increase in payments into the bank account (January saw 150 BACS payments for rallies alone).

In the vast majority of cases, I’ve been able to match up the payment to the correct rally with an email to my mailbox from the rallier concerned.

I’ve then confirmed receipt of the payment; both to the rally officer concerned and rallier; that way everyone knows what I’ve received.

However, there have been a small minority of cases where for whatever reason, the email hasn’t reached me, but the payment has still arrived. This causes a problem, as I can’t get it to the right rally.

On the odd occasion I can work it out, with the assistance of the rally officer, but that takes time, but for £5 deposits this is almost impossible!

Rally Officers...So my ask of you is simple; if you have a rally slip BUT no deposit cheque; please ask if this payment has been made online and get your rallier to confirm by email to me.

If they’ve indicated that they’ve made a payment (DEPOSIT or PAYMENT IN FULL) but you haven’t heard from me confirming receipt of the payment within a week, the chances are I haven’t had an email from the rallier. So please ask them to resend the email, so that I can confirm receipt of their payment.

Any payments I can’t allocate will sit in an “unallocated” bucket until I know where they need to go.

When the bank statement has been reconciled at month end I’ll provide you with an up to date receipt of all payments received during the month and the current balances being held on deposit.

Ralliers ....The email to the Rally Officer AND TO ME telling me that you have paid by BACS is a critical component in the system!

Please be vigilant and refer to the payment for rallies section, both in the rally book, or here under "Categories" on the right, if you are unsure.

Thank You

Ange Sambrook

Wiltshire Centre

Rallies Update - Wednesday, February 9, 2022

SW Region Gala Dinner

The South West Region are hosting a "Dinner with Concorde" at Filton, Bristol with a linked rally at Tudor Park, Slimbridge in March 2023, details under Rally No 29 on the Rallies page. Bookings can be made as of now.

Payment for Rallies - Monday, September 20, 2021

We have been informed by our bank that from the 1st November 2021 we wil be charged for the use of the account at 40p per cheque and 0.4% for all cash transactions. There will be no charge for BACs or Bank Transfers.

Whilst these charges are individually quite small, the accumulative effect on Centre accounts over a full year could be reasonably substantial due to the number of cheques processed. The Committee have decided to take no immediate action, the Centre will initially absorb these costs, however the situation will be kept under review.

Costs to the Centre would be substantially reduced if members pay by Bank Transfer instead of cheques. Both deposits and/or full payments can be made easily by following the instructions given in the link :

Payment for Rallies

Members are asked to consider the use of Bank Transfer for as many payments as possible.

There would be no change to present fees, which are all listed under the relevant rally, and if refunds become due they would also be made by Bank Transfer by the Treasurer. Not only would this reduce Centre costs, but it would also speed up the process.