Junior Competitions - 14 February 2019

Following the views expressed at the 2018 AGM, it has been decided that all four Junior Competitions (3 Handicraft competitions and 1 Illuminated Window competition) will be competed for on the same weekend as the Adult Illuminated Window and Photographic competitions.

This rally is on April 26th - 28th at Upper Seagry. Details on the "Rallies" page.

Please encourage as many Juniors as possible to participate.

Rules for all the competitions are in the Rally Book on pages 57 - 59.

Wessex Rally - 14 February 2019

The new Chairman of the Wessex Committee, Mr Alan Parkinson, is canvassing opinions and ideas from all members of all Wessex Centres. His letter can be read here in .PDF form

Wessex Chairman's Letter

If you wish to make any suggestions please either contact Mr Parkinson directly, or any Wessex Committee member, or through your Centre Wessex Representatives, Mr Geoff Randell or Mr Phil Sambrook, (links available on the "Contacts" page) or any Wiltshire Centre Committee member.

2019 Centre Rally Book - 07 January 2019

Production and distribution of the 2019 Rally Book, to those who have requested a book, has now been completed

If you require a book, and have not yet requested one, please send your "Rally Book Request Slip" to the address on the slip.

The 2019 Event Cards and Rally Book Request Slips were completed by 19 November 2018 and have all been posted out. If you have not received yours, and you are a registered member of the Wiltshire Centre, please contact the Secretary. New Centre members will receive theirs with their "Welcome" letter.

If you wish to download, or view, an electronic version of the 2019 Wiltshire Centre Rally Book, please click on "Rally Book 2019" on the side bar under "Categories"

Please note, the electronic version of the 2019 Rally Book has been redacted to remove all Rally Officers' addresses for security reasons

Centre Competitions - German Trophy - 09 October 2018

The Centre wishes to apologise for a small, but significant, mathematical error in calculating the winners of the German Trophy.

The correct winners are Nigel & Helen Ballamy, by just 2 points, with Mark & Liz Tolman in second place, not as stated at the AGM

The trophy will be presented to the correct winners at a forthcoming rally.

Full results of all competitions can be found here: Competitions

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) - 06 August 2018

Due to the introduction of GDPR there have been some changes made to forms and paperwork within the Centre. The main two are Centre Rally Booking Slips and the forms that Rally Officers to use to provide details of proposed rallies, other changes will occur over time.

The new version of the Centre Rally Booking Slip can be downloaded from

Rally Booking Forms

or obtained from any Committee member.

The new proforma for Rally Officers is available on the "Rally Draft 2020" page, or will be sent out by the Rally Secretary on request.

All members are encouraged to use the new forms to ensure we remain compliant with GDPR 2018

Thank you,

Centre Secretary